beads by breul

Monday, August 23, 2010

Light box

It arrived! Took me a minute to get it set up - had to have my 12 yo figure it out.  Turned on those lights, and yes, they get hot, hot, hot!  Took a few, trying to figure out that light thing.  I am still looking at fuzzy pictures though.  Blech.  However, I did get a few though. Here they are.

And then, here are the goodies I got when I was out shopping with Elisabeth of Busy Beads for Gals.

The pumpkin ones are resin, the gold are a gold tone which I thought would be good filler, the turquoise and multicolored are trade beads, love those colors.  I did take a GREAT picture of the bead that I am swapping with Michelle Heim of Life in the Bead Lane.  I am actually thrilled with it but will wait until I know that Michelle has gotten it.  Michelle, it will go out Tuesday or Wednesday......

 Not bad, I am not happy, happy though. More work to be done but it is headed in the right direction.


Michelle said...

Can't wait to see the goodies...I've had all your beads waiting to be packed up since LAST Tuesday! Now, I just have to go to the PO.
Bead Happy!
Michelle the pearl necklace! said...

I could never get a light box to work for me. I hope you get to where you are double happy with yours though!

I love those beads, very ethnic and colorful!