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Monday, January 30, 2012

DIY - Scarf

Lori of Studio Waterstone posted this post about a DIY scarf 
and I have finally gotten around to actually trying it.

Now, I did get my fabric in the clearance section just in case......
and the next time (yes) I will choose a knit a bit thicker and nice.
And I have to say, the hardest part (after choosing my quote) was
trying to write in the fabric.  Lots of stretching and holding!

wrote my quote

and voila!

on my model!

She is soo pretty!

What do you think?

Sunday, January 29, 2012


Sunday Morning Goodness
baking in the oven!

Yes,  this is not helping my lose weight!

Be sure to visit Lori's blog for more macro goodness.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

My Bead Soup Ingredients

Here is what Dana sent me...
Look at this coppery goodness!

Ok, she MADE these. Seriously, look
at that craftmanship! Wow!

What I didn't get a picture of is the copper wire that she sent
along with it. It has been upcycled from a battery cable
 from her husband's tractor trailor! Love that!

I can't wait to dig in and create!

Thank you Dana!

Thursday, January 26, 2012

A custom order and some fun!

My cousin asked me to create some 
earrings for her.

I love this. To have someone trust me with their
ideas and concepts. Now, she did share a few pictures
of ideas and I took it from there.

She told me the colors she wears
and what styles she likes

And I took it from there. I am lovin' these!
Sterling earwires from bellathebead
(Beautiful pieces, quick shipping.)

Liz loves them and I love being able to create for her.
Does my heart good.

Now, for some fun.
They boys played with legos and I posted 
a great macro picture here

The boy playing and then avoiding the camera!

I do love him!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Echo Creative Club

Jeannie Dukic has started this wonderful monthly
venture and has let me play along.
It is called Echo Creative Club.
She sends us one of her wonderful pieces and we then get 
to create with it.  Have you seen her polymer work?

She sent me an amazing black and white Gin Blossom.
As soon as I got i (I let her surprise me) I knew EXACTLY
what I was going to do.

I so love this piece!

I am in love with wire, it is expensive, but I love it! I knew that  
I wanted todo black, white and red. I did some steel chain, 
some black chain, some
wonderful dark red faceted rondelles. 

The Gin Blossom is a wonderfully weighted piece (not heavy, but hangs 
the chain nicely). 

Please hop over and see what these amazingly talented
folks have created.

Courtney Breul - you are here!
Cindy Cima Edwards

Here is the group blog as well 

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Peek sneak of Bead Soup!

Here is a peak of what I sent to my partner Dana Hickey

I hope she likes what I sent. 

Her ingredients arrived yesterday and boy
are they gooooood! I will take pictures
soon, promise.

Sunday, January 22, 2012



Please hop over to Lori Plyer's Studio Waterstone to see more
wonderful shots.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

A few treasures and a question

I went up at the end of last week to help my aunt break up my
grandmother's apartment. We have moved her into the nursing wing full-time.

I was luck to get a few fun finds.

the group et al

This was a great find. That is my mom and dad.
Mimi had this locket. I had no idea what was in it until
I opened it.

Shoe clips, I see a necklace!

More shoe clips. Love that crab.....

See the abacus, it actually moves.

Now, here is my question. Does anyone know anything
about antique coins? Hubby thinks this might be
an old coin of some sort. I would love any thoughts
on this one.

The other side.

A few small treasures from my grandmother.

Thanks for looking!

Monday, January 16, 2012

Sue! Your beads rock.

I was lucky enough to grab these a few weeks ago from
Sue Beads when she had a sale.

Simple, elegant.
"Nuff said!

Thank you.

I can't believe it!

I made the cut for the next Bead Soup Blog Party!

(Thank you Lori Anderson for putting this together again!)

Did the happy dance yesterday and then moved on to business
to visit my partner Dana Hickey's blog.
She is amazing, so talented!

I am getting ready to send a quick note off to her 
to find out what she likes!

I feel very luck to have made this cut.

Sunday, January 15, 2012


Googlie eyes on a gord!

Please go to Lori's blog to see the other wonderfulness!

Happy Sunday.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Challenge Accepted, part 1

As promised, here a few shots of what I completed. 

You can see what I started with here.

Pieces using the jasper rounds. This was the biggest challenge for me
as jasper isn't something I usually create with. I loved what I did!
The colors and textures with the flowers, love.
(she likes it as well)

This tiger's eye is absolutely amazing. The life of each round, luscious.

I love wire work, as I am sure you can tell. I love turquoise and red, great combo.
I added a blue opal nugget at the end of the necklace. 

Now, the hard part will be actually giving these to her.

Here's to a great long weekend
(with only a little to do)

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Oh Juls, why do I love you so?

She had a sale!

It wasn't my fault.

Makes you want to lick the screen, huh...........

Juls work is wonderful!

Monday, January 9, 2012

Challenge Accepted!

as my daughter would say.

A friend gave me beads that her husband had purchased
while traveling and asked me to create some pieces
for her.

 African turq. trade beads, lapis, turq. from Instabul and 
some AMAZING tiger's eye beads.

The tiger's eye has such life.

I have had some time to play and have used the tiger's eye and the turquoise.

Some jasper. 

I really, really had fun with these. These were a stretch for me
and I am psyched for my friend to see the pieces I made for her.

And these are my favorites.
When she showed me these Ruby Sodalite rounds, I knew immediately 
what I was going to do. Love them.

I hope she likes what I have created so far.

I promise to share more finished pictures as I move through
my "project".


Sunday, January 8, 2012


I promise this is the last Christmas photo.
I am just in love with this!!

To see what others are sharing, go to Lori's blog.
There are some amazing shots.

Happy Sunday!

Friday, January 6, 2012


Sign ups!
I can't wait.

Sign ups are a lottery this go round.
Please go to Lori's blog
for all the details.

This will be sooooo much fun.
Thank you, Lori for
organizing this again.

Sign Ups!
Go! Now!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Taking down the tree!

It is always so sad to take down the Christmas Tree.
The house feels so empty when it is gone, not to mention
how dark it will be at night.

Here are some shots of the crew taking down the tree.

It really was a big tree!

Under the tree!

Love the foot next to her head.