beads by breul

Saturday, April 24, 2010


oh, i went running this morning!  it felt so good.  not far, mind you. but far enough.  it feels so good to be back!

Friday, April 23, 2010

So, I have technically been freed!  No more brace.  Now, that is great but I am still struggling to do anything with one hand.....grrr.  I hate not being able to bead, photograph, cook....good lord.  Anyway, on to bigger and better. I did try my hand at some polymer tonight and my arm doesn't hurt tooooo much!  Yeah!  I will bake my pieces tomorrow and hopefully photograph.  I was inspired by this picture on UnaOdd's blog.  Her work is amazing.

The past few weeks have been the weeks from hell.  Between hubby working all the time (hate that blackberry), my daughter getting a cellulose infection in her ankle, my MIL's memorial service, my little man needing a tooth extracted, daughter's musical, little man's robotics competition and feeling utterly exasperated at not being able to do anything, I am so ready for the weekend!!!  Although hubby has to work all weekend, thanks IMF, daughter has two more performances and little man has a birthday party, this weekend will still be slower than last.

I am going to try to have fun, bead and relax.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Just because...

Ok, I saw this on tv and it totally cracked me up!  Oprah had him on her show as well.  Such a fun ad.  I do have to wonder if this will impact Old Spice's bottom line.  Enjoy.

Monday, April 12, 2010


Hello and good morning,
I know I have been very absent lately, and I apologize.  Things have been very busy with my one handedness, hubby working ALL the time and the kids back in school after their spring break.  It was a great break!  I spent some fun time with the kids!  I am still patiently waiting to bead......waiting, waiting, is though all those beautiful beads sit on my desk laughing at me!  My muse has come several times and I am trying to document.  But, you know, it's just not the same.  I am in a smaller brace, removable!  I go back on the 21st to the doc and hopefully he will tell me that I can take it off to sleep.  Oh, wouldn't that be wonderful!!! Big Sigh!

We went out this weekend (ok, me and the kids) to make sure that we all have clothes for Sally's memorial service on Friday.  I am really trying to get a suit for DH, but that is proving harder than originally thought as he is WORKING ALL THE TIME and can't come with us.  grrr. Jos A Banks is having a ridiculous sale (but 1, get 2 free)  Trying to make that work for us.  So, back I go tonight to try again. Taylor has to go with me, wonder what I will have to bribe him with?  Please think good thoughts for me! Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Sunday, April 4, 2010


Good Morning!  I am sending you all Easter wishes!  May you all have a wonderful day!