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Friday, April 29, 2011

Are you watching?

I am!!! 
Enjoying my cup of tea (ok, coffee at this hour). 
I. Love. This! 
We are recording the Wedding so we can have our Wedding Party tonight! My husband brought me back a bunch of wedding "stuff" from London when he came home on Sunday! So love this. Watching all those beautiful dresses go by. 
Do have one question though ~ have you see the PM's wife? What is she wearing on her head?????  
The pomp and circumstance.....oh, I could go on and on.  Victoria Beckham truly needs to gain some weight (sorry, snarky comment)
Westminster Abby looks amazing!
So beautiful!
Enjoy your royal wedding day!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011


I have no BTW - life keeps getting in the way.
But the Universe did send me this today. 

In life, Courtney, you can only ever be scared, when you believe in limits.

You can only ever feel lonely, when you stop doing things.

You can only ever become bored, when you no longer follow your heart.

And you can only ever get overwhelmed, when you think the illusions are real.

Whew! Who knew it could be so easy to get back on track?

The Universe

Not quite sure how they know, but they always seem to.  I have really been struggling with my creating, comparing myself to others, feeling "not worthy", trying to find my way.
 Sounds like I just need to "DO". You know?

Happy Wednesday all. Be sure to hop over to Flickr to see what everyone else is working on this week.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

I am here

I haven't forgotten.
My boys went to London over spring break and took my camera, iPhone and laptop. I had no technology.......they are back and had a great time! Their photos are amazing. My 12 y/o son took some great, great shots.

I did some great creating while they were gone and will try to get some photos up soon. I visited a few more colleges with my daughter and the rest we will visit over the summer.  I can't believe that April is almost gone! Where did it go? May brings the flowers, warmer temps and the pollen, oh the pollen.

I am itching to play with more polymer, thank you all for your comments and suggestions. Truely appreciated.

Have a great Tuesday!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Would you buy these?

I am looking for honest feedback here. I have been playing with polymer and loving every minute of it. I played and created these various pendants. So, here is the burning question?
 Would you buy these?
 Are they "sell-worthy"? 
Please be honest. You will not not hurt my feelings.
(ignore the photos, working with the $50 point and click as my camera has decided that a nice vacation in London with my hubby and son would be fun.)

Thank you for taking the time!
Happy Monday.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

The Winner!

Good Saturday Morning!
I would show you a picture of the random drawing, but my hubby has taken my laptop, camera and iPhone on vacation! No photos........(feels weird not to have my usual technology!) Enough - get on with it.

Ok ~ EB Bead and Metal Works!
You Won!!!!!

Please send me your address and I will mail your goodies out. :)

Friday, April 15, 2011

A quick thank you

Thank you. For reading, commenting and  following! It makes me smile, in my heart.
Hope your Friday is a good one.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

BTW - back!

Ok. Back. And it's time for Bead Table Wednesday. 
Heather at Humblebeads started this wonderfulness.
So I was looking at my work space, filled, toppling, stuff everywhere and asked my husband for some thoughts/help. He is wonderful! Gave me some thoughts and we went out and got a new bookcase/storage unit for my desk. (love Target) Then came home and he immediately opened the box and assembled the unit. (I love him). I then spent two hours arranging/putting away and organizing. 

Take a look!

Check it out! I love it. And believe it or not, my desk is actually clean! I can see things... :)

Here are a few things that are a brewin'.

Paper beads

Vintage buttons

Fun stuff!

Be sure to hop over to the  Flickr group and see what is on everyone else's tables.

Monday, April 11, 2011

A beady give away!

Hello and happy Monday!

In cleaning up my desk and adding some storage (you will see it on BTW) I have come up with a stash of beads that I am parting with. Mostly seed beads as I am not a seed bead person. I have a few that I use, but not these. I also have some aluminum chain and random beads.

Please leave a comment if you are interested and I will draw a name on Saturday. 
Due to the size, I can't ship internationally.

Good Luck!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

It has been dark here, but I'M BACK! :)

I know. 
No posts, no comments. 
Well, I do have a good reason. 
Very good in fact.

I have been on the first of our College Adventures with my daughter. We headed out for Ohio on Wednesday morning at 3:30 am and drove. (I was musically educated by her iPod very early in the am)
We sang our way to Ohio, ok, she sang and I mouthed the words.

Visited Oberlin,
drove to Wooster.
Visited College of Wooster (Love!)
drove to Kenyon.
Visited Kenyon, and yes, drove to
Denison (love this one too). 

She navigated, I drove. I am so proud  ~ we didn't get us lost in the middle of Ohio!! We drove through all kinds of weather ~ snow, rain, sleet, fog. Fun! Logged 985 miles.

To save you tons of pictures, I created a collage.

We hit Denison University and found this most wonderful vintage shop.

I found buttons, tons of buttons. And got a few.

How fabulous are these?
 And when we were in Wooster, we ventured in to the Walmart and wow! 
What a bead selection. I got these. 

Love those owls.

I have never heard of BoHo Collection, but they are really cute and very light weight. Those paper beads are such fun. My daughter wants a piece made with them. (hmmm, BTW perhaps?)

We had a great time together. No arguments, no disagreements. She shared thoughts. We laughed. She even said that she thought that I would have been fun in college! *insert HUGE smilie face here*
 I got to listen to her sing. She has a beautiful voice.
She and I. *big sigh*

The first trip is done. We will now look at a few schools here and then this summer we head north to look at some up there. 

My baby, all grown up.

(she doesn't like me taking her picture.)