beads by breul

Sunday, March 6, 2011


On this bleary Sunday here in DC I just wanted to share some beautifulness.

I am very lucky! I work on the grounds of the National Cathedral in DC.  This was one afternoon last week leaving work and the sunlight was magical. Both taken with my iPhone, the second with Hipstamatic.  

These were the other day driving. A storm was rolling in and the sky was full of movement.

Again, for me, it was magical. And then the heavens opened up and it poured, poured rain.

It is supposed to rain all day today, and that is ok with me. Some days I like the peace and quiet of gray clouds and the sound of rain hitting the roof and wall. Once I take my mom to the airport and finish the  chores I hope to be able to take advantage of the peace and quiet and create!

Happy Sunday!


Barbara Lewis said...

Courtney, I had no idea you had such a beautiful working environment! I love the Cathedral. It's a place that's always on the list to take visitors. The photos are wonderful. I also like to look at cloud formations. Sometimes they seem as though you can reach out and touch him.

Elisabeth said...

Beautiful pictures - hope it was a great afternoon!

Karen Williams said...

What an inspiring place to work. I visited the Cathedral once while still in college.

Your photograph makes it seem positively magical.