beads by breul

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Challenge Accepted, part 1

As promised, here a few shots of what I completed. 

You can see what I started with here.

Pieces using the jasper rounds. This was the biggest challenge for me
as jasper isn't something I usually create with. I loved what I did!
The colors and textures with the flowers, love.
(she likes it as well)

This tiger's eye is absolutely amazing. The life of each round, luscious.

I love wire work, as I am sure you can tell. I love turquoise and red, great combo.
I added a blue opal nugget at the end of the necklace. 

Now, the hard part will be actually giving these to her.

Here's to a great long weekend
(with only a little to do)


Barbara Lewis said...

Beautiful work, Courtney. Love the turquoise and red ... it's such a powerful combination. Blue opal is one of my favorite stones!

TesoriTrovati said...

Turquoise and red is classic. But I am in love with the tiger's eye. I love the shimmering light that comes from those! Nicely done!
Enjoy the day.