beads by breul

Monday, February 13, 2012

How's your soup coming along?

Just a gander at what is sitting on my table. 
This particular list of ingredients is giving me
such a hard time, can't quite figure out how to
mix it all together to come up with something
But, I will not be discouraged,
in fact, think I may have had a stroke of 

Hope your soup's are simmering 


JeannieK said...

Have not had a chance to tackle it yet, but I know what I'm going to make. The beads in your picture look like they're on a big round ball. Cool.

Alicia said...

You know you don't have to mix them all, right? So far I split mine in 3 different projects :)
Good luck!

WindDancerStudios said...

I feel so guilty now! I'm finishing up piece two! You know..... you don't have to use my ingredients you can just think of them as spices, just a pinch to add flavor to your ingredients :) I know you'll come up with something great!!

Lori Anderson said...

I've worked with one of my three soups. Yikes. But two had a lot of wire wrapping.

Patti Van said...

I made my soup into 1 nick ace, a bracelet and two earrings. But, not feeling the necklace focal and I am stumped on how else to change it up!