beads by breul

Wednesday, July 18, 2012



I love her beads and have finally broken down and
purchased two sets (only one pictured here)
and a focal (the single on top)
I love looking at them, holding them, loving them :)
So summery and luscious.

A while back my sister-in-law gave me four
crosses from her mother that she wanted me to create
with. Ultimately, she will have one, I will have one and my
daughter will have one.

These are old crosses, each one different. 
One brass/gold, one black onyx (?) with turquoise, gold and pearls, 
and two that are silver.

I have used the brass/gold one and next in line is 
the black onyx one. 
I got to play this weekend.
I have wire wrapped the whole necklace, used turquoise seed beads,
antique pearls and black czech beads. The necklace is on the longer side,
hitting right below the bust line.

I am lovin' it.

Happy Wednesday all.


AntiquityTravelers said...

wow - those beads are gorgeous! and the cross is great! I like the detail of turquoise - how pretty

Shirley said...

I'm soo drooling over those beads! Looking forward to seeing what you make with them.
that cross necklace is stunning. Did the cross come with the inset? It is beautiful, and you totally did it justice with your wirewrapping, and the beads you chose for the chain. Great job!!!

Patti Van said...

Her beads are fabulous! And, I love the necklace you made with the cross, which has a beautiful inset!

Leovi said...

Delicious pictures, for me the mushrooms are true abstractions you have done with what nature, gorgeous. Greetings.