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Sunday, November 18, 2012

See, I have done something!

(photo heavy post)

What have I been up to.....

My sister asked me to take their family portraits/christmas card

Corny pose, but they are soooo cute!

Love these two!

Then I had the privilege of shooting this
adorable little one.

Loved this!

Then there was playing with the leaf blower.....


And lastly,
I have made some great new pieces.

This is my new favorite, not sure that I will part with it. Labradorite and sterling. 
I wear this every day!

Czech beads and some of my handmade polymer clay flowers

This is fun, leather and tiny emerald rondelles, brass cross. 
Pretty proud of me - using leather!

My buddha necklace uses one of Barbara Bechtel's 
wonderful buddha pendants. Go and check out her blog and shop!

And lastly, these gems!
They feature headpins from Jo Tinley, that I turned into ear wires, some
great circles from Miss Ficklemedia. I then wire wrapped some mystic briolettes
and seed beads.  Again, I am working my daily outfits around these! And have been 
known to say "screw it" should the outfit not work with the earrings! :)  
After all, the jewelry is the most important, right?

Here's to a great, short week!


Lori Anderson said...

Your family photos are awesome! And I don't think that's a corny pose -- I think that's what love is all about.

Barbara Lewis said...

The photos are wonderful! Your sister is lucky you're such a good photographer. The bracelet with the polymer clay flowers is a favorite!

CraftyHope said...

You have indeed dome something. . .The photos are really great and the jewelry is awesome! Your little clay flowers are neat-o. Busy lady, you've definitely got more to show for your time than I do.

Lori @ Studio Waterstone said...

Gorgeous images! You certainly have a talent for it. And that first bracelet - yum. I would not part with that.

Here Bead Dragons said...

The Labradorite bracelet is stunning. I can understand why you want to keep it.