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Saturday, December 1, 2012

Floral Holiday Blog Hop

If you are looking for my Challenge of Color hop

So darned excited about this!!!!
Lisa of Pine Ridge Treasures sent out a call
for those interested in participating in this.
Jumped! Love the holidays.

She sent a wonderful floral mix, lovely, and
encouraged us to create outside-of-the-box and 
to try to use the beads sent to us. 

As my jewelry muse seems to be missing
I was really trying to be "outside" the jewelry box.

When it hit me, it hit hard!
I am lovin' what I created!
Light hearted and fun!

So, ok, here goes......
Wine charms ~ I did have to use a few of my red czech flowers
so that I could create enough variety.

What is this, you ask...
It is jewelry for your wine gift! 
Makes it even more festive.

And lastly, what every good bottle of wine needs
a scarf!
I knitted and embellished! Scarves are hot right
now and it is winter, after all.

Well there you have it, festive and fun! Hope you liked them. :)

Now, if you feel that your bottle of wine (or one you
are giving as a gift) needs some dressing up, please say so in 
your comment and I will draw a name!
(lucky wine bottle)

One to the rest! Please hop around and see what
goodness these talented folks have created!

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Toltec Jewels, Jewel School Friends

Thank you Lisa for this wonderful hop!


Pine Ridge Treasures said...

Courtney - your wine accessories are so pretty - I love the scarf! Very creative way to use the beads. Thanks for participating in the hop and Happy Holidays!

Tanya said...

I love the wine charms and the little wine necklace and scarf. That is such a great idea and would really make a gift of wine all the more special. I'd love to be in the running.

Alicia said...

Oh, Courtney: such a fresh idea! You charms are beautiful and they'll make any party look festive. And the scarf - the cutest thing I've seen! Love them all :)
Your Muse seems just fine to me ;)

Kimberly Flood said...

FANTASTIC! I absolutely love the scarf! And the wine bottle jewelry -- PERFECT! What beautiful lady doesn't need a good necklace of bling around her neck?! Those wine charms are way too cute! I am so into the bling!

May you have a Wonderful, Merry, and Peaceful Season.

Toltec Jewels for Jewel School Friends said...

Your wine charms are festive and brilliant. I think we received a similar lucite colorway. Your addition of red Czech is beautiful! The wine bottle decorations reflect all the fun and joy of Holiday *spirits* too ;)


Alice said...

How very cool. What a creative mind you have. I love the scarf . The wine necklace is so cute too.

Alice said...

What fun. I love the scarf. The wine necklace is great too. What a wonderful creative mind you have.

JeannieK said...

Wine jewelry, how clever. Really love your pieces

Kathy Lindemer said...

I love those wine charms! You showed lots of originality!

Patti Van said...

This wojld make an awesome gift! I love this idea...especially the scarf! So cool!

Cindy said...

Courtney, I LOVE what you made! Wow. You sure made the bottle of wine look stunning, adorned in flowers. And the scarf is both witty and adorable. Who wouldn't want to receive one of these gifts! I think you totally outdid yourself!