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Monday, January 28, 2013

Lensbaby Project {January}

Lensbaby Project ~ January

This is part of my adventure for this year,
to work more on my photography!

A friend told me about her Lensbaby lens, I did some
research and it looked like fun! Needless to say, when it came,
I played but became frustrated. And I am still struggling.
So when this opportunity came about on Clickin Moms to join a blog circle,
I jumped at the chance.
This will force me to get it out, put it on my camera and LEARN!

I am using a Lensbaby Muse and  
Here are my shots for this month!

My boy trying to avoid the lens. :)

I love a rainy night!

My jar of things I am grateful for at the end of the day.

Ah, the laundry room and my recycling! :)

I welcome any and all feedback you all may have!

Next in our circle is 

Thank you, Jennifer for starting this group and
coordinating all of us.


Julie Blum | DC/Baltimore area portrait photographer said...

Love these, Courtney!

Utahdoula said...

Looks like you are doing well - some of those have some really nice bokeh!

Melanie said...

I love rainy nights too! And how clever you have a can of ravioli for your transition of asking for feedback. :D Love that jar of grateful things.... I might have to steal that idea! :)

Miss Chia said...

Lovely gratitude jar!

Nina said...

love the rainy night!

Heather said...

I love how you made everyday things into art with your lensbaby. The rain images are so beautiful and inspiring!

Lucy said...

Those rain images are lovely!

Rachel said...

Loving the rainy night shot!

Jessica Curkovic said...

These are really great, I love that you captured everyday items, so inspiring to me for what I can do next month!

Allison Jacobs said...

Love all the variety you captured this month! Just wonderful!

Claire Lane said...

I love those rainy night shots! Great job!

Jaime said...

These are beautiful! I especially love the shot of the flowers!!

Jaimi said...

Love how you've turned the everyday into beautiful art objects! That grateful jar is my favorite - beautiful and dreamy!

Lisa Sheehan said...

Lovely! The rainy nights shots are great with all those lights.