beads by breul

Sunday, February 3, 2013


Hi, me here.
Joining in with the macro goodness.

We have not really had a much of a winter
these past few years. This year is finally cold
and we have had small amounts of snow. 
Glad I was able to catch some.

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StudioWaterstone to see what 
other macro goodness is out there.


My Life Under the Bus said...

Brrrr we have it too! I am ready for spring!

Nicole Beadwright Campanella said...

This is a very interesting shot. I like it a lot.

Laura said...

I like the simplicity of this image.

Birgitta said...

Interesting and cool shot!

Annette said...

That's a cool shot! (no pun intended!) It's been really cold here but only a few flurries once in a while.

Pieces of Sunshine said...

Snow is something we never have in our town. The children would love to have some!

Gunilla B├Ąck said...

Cool shot. I'm ready for spring too, but we're still going to have snow for several months.

Sandra said...

That's a great shot!