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Friday, April 23, 2010

So, I have technically been freed!  No more brace.  Now, that is great but I am still struggling to do anything with one hand.....grrr.  I hate not being able to bead, photograph, cook....good lord.  Anyway, on to bigger and better. I did try my hand at some polymer tonight and my arm doesn't hurt tooooo much!  Yeah!  I will bake my pieces tomorrow and hopefully photograph.  I was inspired by this picture on UnaOdd's blog.  Her work is amazing.

The past few weeks have been the weeks from hell.  Between hubby working all the time (hate that blackberry), my daughter getting a cellulose infection in her ankle, my MIL's memorial service, my little man needing a tooth extracted, daughter's musical, little man's robotics competition and feeling utterly exasperated at not being able to do anything, I am so ready for the weekend!!!  Although hubby has to work all weekend, thanks IMF, daughter has two more performances and little man has a birthday party, this weekend will still be slower than last.

I am going to try to have fun, bead and relax.

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