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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Rings & Things ~ October Challenge (picture heavy!)

Ok, Here they are! I received some glass tiles and bezels in a few sizes along with bails. I had a blast!

Some fun pendants. My favorite is the numbers tile! Love that. My other love is the pin up girl with the yellow background, however, I managed to glue her on the wrong side!

Now, the bracelets are not part of the challenge, but since I was playing with resin......these are my Chipotle bracelets. I did learn the importance of making sure that your paper is THOROUGHLY glued down. You can see what I am talking about. Oh well, I love them and am wearing them!

Some of the bezels.

The tile necklaces.

Below is a picture of the bezels as they were curing.  The blue square is one of my favorites, but as the resin was on the older side, it didn't set totally and is tacky? Why did some set fine and this one not (my fav!) Also, learned that when you put sparklies in resin (far left Chrismasy one) you  lose all sense of the faceting. Looks flat. :(  I was psyched for this one and it is so-so.



TesoriTrovati said...

Really fun! I think those bezels are my favorite. If the resin is tacky, try applying a thin layer of a new batch over the top. Should work just fine. Nicely done, Courtney!
Enjoy the day!

Whitney said...

What fun pendants! I love the Chipotle bracelet!

Dave Robertson said...

Great stuff, Courtney, thanks so much for experimenting with all this stuff then sharing the experience with us. Happy Thanksgiving!

--Dave at Rings & Things
[Be sure to think about our Design Contest!]

Raida said...

Love these! I Love the great colors.

Kinderhook said...

I love these too. Is the one w/ green, red & white "bubbles" a paper you pasted down or actual bubbles? I love it whatever it is! --SallyA

Courtney said...

They are Swarovski crystals. they lost all dimension when I added the resin.... :( I like it, but not as much as when you could see the crystals.