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Friday, November 5, 2010

update to yesterday

Sick kid - not mono or strep, just a virus....
Trying to get transfer paper work completed, phoned current school and was told 
"the woman who dues that idnt in" - really?
Husband - still crazy hours and STRESSED
But - there is no rain, we "fall back" this weekend, I have my wonderful nieces tonight (2 and 5) and all day tomorrow and it is Friday!
I.Can.Do.This!  :)


Barbara Lewis said...

As much as I love light in the evening, I hate dark in the morning!!! Yesterday, with the rain, I never got out of my pajamas! Did paperwork in front of the tv watching scary movies I recorded on dvr last month! I need to get movin' today!

Michelle said...

one minute at a time...sometimes one second at a time! I'm counting down to my drive from WI to MA--in 3 weeks. We are surprising my sister and niece for Thanksgiving (my b-i-l knows we're coming)! A break!
Bead Happy!

Pretty Things said...

Aw man, sick kids -- that's the worst kind of stress, in my opinion! Hang in there!

(And I marvel at your optimism!)

Imaginative Jewelry said...

I am glad to hear it's a virus and not something else. Just be patient and of course you can. I am sure you have lot's of strenght to deal with this. xoxo

Cindy said...

I feel for you! And I can relate to all that you have going on...and your close in age to 2 of mine (2 and 6). I hope you had a great evening! said...

And you did do it! Loved the pictures of your nieces, glad to hear the kiddo got better and now you can relax.