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Saturday, May 7, 2011

New Venture.......

Updated: 5/9 ~ And I sold 3 today! :)

Well, I did it!
I have listed my pendants on my Etsy site.
I am half way through listing and will list the rest tomorrow. (boy that is a tedious process.....)

Here are two that didn't make it.....

The purple I had washed in a light coral, didn't like it, couldn't get it all off, put white on over....
the yellow didn't come out well either, several washes, then I painted the squares (bored) and then decided to sprinkle with some glitter! Why, because I could.  They are just sittin' around.

Here is my question to you,
Should I list them in my jewelry shop or create another Etsy for them?

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somethingunique said...

Hi Courtney, they look great!! and my opinion, i think you should list them in your shop as a seperate components section see how they do maybe host a giveaway featuring your new venture and go from there good luck ttfn L:)