beads by breul

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Wait - can I add more?????

These were waiting for me when I came home today!!  Thanks to Erin who shared this great Etsy vendor (Nora62) in one of her last posts, I. got. these!

Pinks and green

So beautiful!


Just wanted to share....................
(now, can I not make dinner for the family, not do laundry and just go down and play? )


Barbara Lewis said...

These are definitely yummy!

Jen V. said...

They look fantastic all piled up like that so I can't imagine how great they'll be when you put them in one of your great magic pieces!! Have fun...after supper and laundry, of course. :)

Malin de Koning said...

OMG! Those pictures creates a physically painful reaction in me. Has never happened before, so I am a bit confused right now. Auch auch (or however you spell that)! I want those beads/gems! The see through ones are to die for. Norah is on my favourite shops list but I never bought anything from her. Now I'm off! Thanks for sharing.