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Sunday, September 11, 2011


I sit here today watching all the coverage of 9/11, ten years later. I am still at a loss for words. 

That day, for  me, was very hard.  I am very lucky that I was not directly impacted. I had a co-worker who was on the phone with a client in NYC and she heard the first plane hit!  

My mom called me and told me that she saw the news that a plane had hit the first tower and asked if we were all ok (I live in DC and my husband is a Lt. with the Metropolitan Police Department) I was able to get my husband on his cell phone, we talked very, very briefly. His last words were "I don't know when I will be home". I was shaken to my core. While everyone else was fleeing the city, he was one of the ones moving directly into what was happening.  He did come home around 11:00 pm, safe. 

I sit here watching the coverage and all of those feelings are coming to the surface, again.  It is compounded by the heightened threat level. My daughter and I were at the mall yesterday and saw 6 police officers, armed, automatic rifles, pump action shotguns, etc.  Un-nerving to say the least.  I am hoping that nothing comes of all of this.

Please be safe!

I will occupy my time today watching football (Go Skins!) baking cookies and working on my Bead Soup! I can't believe that the reveal day is next week!!! EEK!

I am also participating in Lorelei's Lima Beads Challenge, and my beads arrived yesterday!!! These colors are soooooo wonderful.

They are even better in person.

I am off to grocery shop, do a bit of laundry and enjoy my day. 
May your Sunday be a good one. 


hello gorgeous said...

yes gorgeous, may YOUR day be a good one too....many hugs floating your way for you to share..


hello gorgeous xxx

My Life Under the Bus said...

Yes this day plays like a reel in my head - the heartbreak is unimaginable.

Regina said...

Have a good Sunday as well. Will visit next week!