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Tuesday, April 10, 2012


Not all bad.
I apologize, life has been crazy!
Hubby's job
My daughter is a senior in high school and we
are dealing with the whole college thing.
My son is filled with 13 year old testosterone and 
teenage angst.
We almost lost our older dog to a spider bite,
my work is, well, work. 

Not that these are excuses,
but seem to get in the way.

We had a wonderful Easter!

I have created some fun pieces!
this is my version of Marsha Neal Studio's 
Swinging Trapeze from the latest Wire Jewelry issue.
Love the pink in these!

But the most amazing thing that I got to do was tag along
with my daughter when she went to the Holi Celebration
at UMD this past Saturday.

My baby!

Look at the joy in these kids! So pure and real.
I loved this! LOVED!
Her allowing me to come along and photograph,
her friends being so open to the same.

I am coming to the realization that this is what I want to do.
Scares the hell out of me.

I love jewelry, but I make, photograph, and list
and nothing really sells. I love making, love the
creating, but am stuck.

But am more than open to suggestions! :)

So, pardon the absence. It has been crazy. 
I am working on backing up my photos as my computer
is old and groaning under the weight.
I was kinda surprised that it took the 1250 photos
from Saturday!

So, in a nutshell, I am stuck!
Trying to find my way.


Elisabeth said...

All I can say I that you are not alone - feel a bit stuck myself. But I know the right "fit" will happen soon - but nothing should fit too well - otherwise you wouldn't have room to grow :-)

RosyRevolver said...

You'll find it. :) YOU WILL.

Patti Van said...

Wow...I know exactly how you feel...I hate this "stuck" feeling, too. However, your photographs are always beautiful, and I can tell how much joy your kids kids bring to your life! Celebrate that!

Kokopelli said...

I can understand. I had close to no sales and so I decided to stop my online shop and instead blog, make gifts and pieces for myself and enjoy creativity. I do some challenges and blog hops and I'm happy with it.
Love the photos of your daughter and friends!

Kokopelli said...

BTW, it's funny to see a Lindt "Gold Bunny" in another packaging than a German one.

SueBeads said...

Hey Courtney - I feel the SAME way! I have been trying to figure out what to do with my life - my daughter will be going to college soon and my son will be in high school and I want to "work" at something different I think. I don't think I can give up beads entirely, but I need to find something else. You're not alone!