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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

A fun new piece

I was in our favorite thrift store when I came across 
a fun chain belt with gothic type crosses in it. I immediately
thought that it would make fun pieces. 

I created a few and my family immediately nixed them, 
love them but hate them. :)

I did end with this and have to say that I am very happy with it. Kinda goth,
kinda fun.  

Dark chain, clear-ish chinese crystals, 
metallic green chinese crystals and a forest
green quartz crystal from norah62
(love her stuff)

For those of you who watch CSI, hubby says it is something 
Lady Heather would wear! Becoming
a part of my wardrobe!

Happy Tuesday.


Boot ~C said...

nice find, & hey, you could do worse than getting wardrobe ideas from Lady H!

Barbara Lewis said...

I love to use things from thrift stores!

Kokopelli said...


Lori Anderson said...

Oh that is so pretty.

I actually bought a pair of vintage copper hoops -- HUGE back-in-the-day hoops -- and I'm going to make some gemstone sculpture things with them -- but Zack was wearing them as bracelets, that's how big they are!

Rachel said...

Very funny. It is so Lady Heather! I love the green with the chain. I am a big fan of buying vintage and then finding a way to use it. Wonderful results.