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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Beading and the snow

Well, that 5-10 inches turned into approx. 15 inches of new snow. The wind blew, the snow fell and we prayed to the power gods not to lose power again. We didn't! Yeah. It has been a long week, lots of shoveling and digging. We were all home for the entire week, a bit of cabin fever did set in. I did get to some creating. Here are some of the polymer clay beads I created. Not sure what I will do with them. I think it was more of a "what can I make" deal. I like the word charms - not bad for a first attempt.

I also made another Confetti necklace. I do like this, very cheerful.

I created these wonderful gold pc beads with a specific necklace in mind. Drum roll turned out exactly like I had in mind!! Absolutely love it! I shared it with my friends at Beading Daily and it was well received. Hey, even it if wasn't it wouldn't matter. I love it!

And just because, here is another snow picture. :)

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Emily said...

i love the gold necklace! you could sell it in a store. way cool!