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Sunday, May 2, 2010

New beads!

Well, some are mine and some are purchased.  First, here are mine. I have been playing with polymer clay again and here are my results. I am actually very happy with the way they turned out. I also visited Polymer  Clay Express in Damascus and, WOW! What fun!


Pretty neat, huh?  I got some really neat patterns for more polymer and two great colors!

And now for the fun. Below are the beads I got from Sue Beads.  Love them. Can't you just see the lentil beads as great summer earrings?

And now for my favorite!!!!! These wonderful egg beads are from Kelley Beads.  Aren't these so, so much fun???!!! I can't wait to play.  I have loved just sitting and looking at them. Oh, they are wonderful!!!!  Thank you Kelley!

Ok, that picture is blurry - sorry! But they look cute in their box.

Ah, better!

How beautiful are these?????

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