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Monday, October 11, 2010

At last ~

Ok, I am back now and here are the promised pictures. My parents were gracious enough to come for the weekend and take the kids while we went down to Virginia Beach for the weekend. Getting down was a bit tough, lots of traffic in Virginia! We stopped in Williamsburg for lunch and had a great lunch, did a bit of shopping, went to the outlets (!!) and then headed down to Virginia Beach.

Now, I had gotten us a nice room on the top floors of the Hilton and when we finally checked in, we were told that the management had upgraded us to the Presidential Suite! Seriously! I think that the amazing flowers that were sent by my parents and the wine and cheese tray sent by hubby's sister were a dead giveaway! This place was HUGE! Kitchenette, dining room, living room, master bed/bath with a jacuzzi tub and three, yes three, porches! We were on the top floor, 20th, and the view was amazing! Everyone wished us happy anniversary, the weather was perfect and we had the funnest time ever.

Went to Pocohontas Pancakes for breakfast each day. Now, this place has truly the best pancakes on the planet! I had the pecan and pumpkin spice pancakes on Saturday and the pecan and pumpkin spice waffles on Sunday. Waffles are lighter than pancakes! Scrumptiousness! MMMMMM.  We went for a 5 mile walk, walked on the beach, ate, drank, lounged in the sun, drank some more, did a bit of bead shopping!!! yeah buddy!

To say that it was perfect, is an understatement. I do so love my husband! Thank you all.

Silly huge!

Yup, our own pantry!

 The view from our pad!

Love the building shadows.

Pecan and pumpkin spice pancakes!

The sunrise on Sunday morning. Magical!


Regina said...

Happy Anniversary. Sounds like you had a glorious weekend. Loving husband, wonderful family. Lots of blessings... Here's wishing you many, many more. And you even managed to fit in some bead shopping!

Cindy said...

Courtney...your trip sounded like a DREAM! Happy Anniversary!!! I used to live in Chesapeake and I sure wish I knew about that pancake place - those flavors sound heavenly. What gorgeous flowers, and the view, and that upgrade to the Presidential Suite, and that fantastic long walk.... so happy your Anniversary was all that and more! :-)