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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Happy Birthday!

 Today you are 17. I can't believe how the time has flown. 
You are now a senior and I am so very excited for you and all the possibilities!
 I love you Caroline!

I decided to make rainbow cupcakes for her today. I apologize, I can't remember where I saw these but they are so cute! Very easy recipe and you create rainbow cupcakes.

Cake batter

in my overflowing cupcake tins.....

As you can see, I clearly don't follow the "fill to 2/3 cup" directions. I knew this would create a problem, yet I filled them anyway! (note: these are full to the top with batter!)

And yes, they created one huge pan of cupcakes.

Believe it or not they actually cut apart and came out easily (apart from the two whose tops came off and I had to "glue" together with CHOCOLATE frosting!)
I love chocolate frosting!!!

These are very colorful and amazingly good!

How fun are these!

She loved them!

Happy Birthday Caroline, we love you!!!!!

I am happy to share the recipe and I apologize for not remembering where I found them.
Just let me know. 
(they actually didn't need frosting.....but who can resist chocolate!)


somethingunique said...

Hey Courtney, they look yummy yummy!!& Happy 17!! my daughter just turned 25 on Thurs boy did that make me feel old. Be sure to stop by my blog tom. for a big giveaway
take care ttfn L:)

Pretty Things said...

You're a rockin' mom.