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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Sunday night!

What a great weekend!

Perfect weather, good food, quiet time.
I got some time to create, just need to load the photos!

Just sittin' here watching the Nationals! Go, go, go! Top of the 11th! Biting  my nails!

I participated in Lori Anderson's Fairy Tale Spring Bead Blog Hop! What fun. I loved this. Thank you Lori.

Last week was a stressful week.

Hubby landed in the ER with all the signs of a heart attack ~ all tests came back clean, thank God! Now we just need a good cardiologist. That was a stressful conversation with the kids. How does on explain that dad is in the ER with a possible heart attack?  They were amazing. Took it all in and were amazingly supportive.

My good friend had her knee replaced and is doing incredibly well! Yeah! So happy.

The quiet of the weekend was more than welcome.

My kids have 9 more days of school. My daughter becomes a senior in three days! How did that happen?? Could I possibly be that old??? :)  My son is 13 in a few months! A teenager! :)  He has had a rocky year with bullying and the need to transfer schools. I am so proud of him! He has been a trooper!

I am currently stalking Kelley's Beads on Etsy in hopes of scoring some wonderful beads!!!! I do love her stuff!

Sorry for the ramble........

Hope your weekend was wonderful!

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