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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Custom order, and some advice (please)

Here is the necklace that I made. 
(I didn't make the stamped piece)

The rest is mine. All sterling, pearl and green chalcedony.
I am very happy with it. 
I made a thicker 8 (16 gauge I think) that my daughter wants. :)  
Have to see what she wants hanging off of it.

Ok, advice time.
I have this fun piece but an not sure if it "works".  
I love the green girl studios robot and the other pewter pieces. 
My question is this:
Does it all work together? Does it work on the leather? What would you do differently?

Thank you all!


SilverNikNats said...

Oh, I like that necklace!
Yes it all works very well together looks very cute in fact.
I like it on leather tho I think I would use black leather to blend with the beads better or blue leather to bring out the blue bead, I think I would also move the blue bead in a little and would take out the larger disk but thats just my opinion.
Have a lovely day
Niky x

Pretty Things said...

My first instinct is I would remove the piece on the left that hangs down a bit -- it makes my eye go to that instead of the pendant. Then, for a piece that's unique like the robot (and I have one for Zack), I used almost all the same sized beads on either side. But that's me, and I'm not a risk taker!

You know what I think would look great with this lineup instead of the robot? A piece of river rock. Then the asymmetry of the rock would kind of meld with the random beads.

Wow, sorry, I went overboard -- hope I don't offend! You know I love your work!

My Life Under the Bus said...

Oh I love it!!! I love the red leather it's playful and fun with the robot - I would love a few more colored beads between the spacers and maybe a bead hanging off the clasp but that's me - : )

Amber Dawn Inventive Soul said...

Since you asked what we/I would do differently- If it were my piece, I would remove all of the other beads that are not shaped like nuts (hex nuts). I would add on some red, black or grey glass beads which are a bit smaller than the nuts to accentuate them.

I agree with Lori- if you decide to keep all of the beads/spacers on there that you could/should remove the large lentil shaped disk bead from the left as it does in fact pull focus.

I really like the red cord with the robot! :o) It would look great with earrings made of chain and a "hex nut" bead dangle!

Lori Bowring Michaud said...

Hi Courtney. I agree with Lori and Amber Dawn. The saucer bead does dangle a bit and draw the eye to the left, so I'd remove it. I also like Amber's suggestion of removing a few of the pewter beads and adding a few colored glass (or stone) beads. I'd also opt for an asymetrical look, which is what you were after I think. I think I'd only put may 3-5 beads to the left of the robot (or your right as you're looking at the necklace) and a few more than that on the other side. I like the red leather cord!