beads by breul

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Pictures, pictures, pictures!

Ok, while I have not been feeling very creative with the beads,
my photos have rocked! 
While I am still learning,
and probably will be forever,
I am loving these.

I have to catch you up.
First, we start with our little family outing to 
Virginia Beach.

Ah, the ocean, putt putt golf and Pocahontas Pancakes!

I was having fun with the ocean, feet and sand!

Now, on to Colorado where I was with my mom assisting and then we had our family 
reunion. (already planned before her stroke)
The 4th of July!

Fun shots; clouds, flowers, signs and the run-away balloon.

We did a photo shoot with all of us and here are a few of my favs! (mixed in with a few others)

Here are a few that I am in love with.


All of us 

Magic clouds

My niece skipping

What is fun about this is that, see that first girl with the white apron on, bow in hair ~ that is me!
Yup, me around 10 years old!
This is hanging on the top of Vail mountain in the restaurant!

Vail! Home.

Thank you for making it all the way through! Hope you enjoyed the zillions of pictures.


Elisabeth said...

Great pictures! Looks like your summer has been great!

Kate said...

Awesome shots! Love them!

My Life Under the Bus said...

What great photos - I am jealous of those family photos - we can't get anything with out bunny ears or tongues hanging out. I love that your photo is on the wall - now how did that happen? : )