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Thursday, October 20, 2011

HELP! (Edited!)

Lesson learned: I should ask my children for help before I go into panic mode!)

Help, please!
I am trying to work in Picasa and have tried downloading twice.
It won't let me edit anything.
I only have the library.
No other options!

I have spent 4 hours trying to do this.
Nothing to show for it but a sore back from sitting over the computer
and tears of frustration in my eyes!!!!!!!!!


I welcome any assistance you can offer.


Claire Maunsell said...

What's happening? Sound like you have a connection problem ie, computer doesn't recognize your camera?

Penny said...

Hi Courtney, I feel your pain. I would suggest trying to download the Picasa program again maybe something happened in the downloading process and that is why it isn't letting you do anything besides see you pictures. I use Picasa and I find it very easy but something must be wrong or maybe your computer didn't let you download the whole program. Look into your setting and see if you can see anything. I hope one of these things helps.

Take care,