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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Playing (part 1)

I have had the most amazing treat for the 
past five days. My family left me at home and 
went on vacation.

I am ok with that, really. I had five, 5, days

Heaven. *contented sigh*

That being said, I was very careful about planning exactly what
I wanted to do, what I wanted to play with,
what crafts I wanted to try.  Now, I have jumped
on the Mason Jar bandwagon, albeit late.
I wanted to try my hand at making a mason jar candle
holder decorated in a Moroccan motif.  I have seen
some really beautiful ones on Etsy and thought, hmmm.
Of course, my hmmmms never look quite as good, if 
you know what I mean.

My two toys..

Ok, I am lovin' the frosted glass spray. I have sprayed:
an old scotch bottle and made a vase,
some glass dishes I bought at the thrift store.
and a pickle jar that I turned into a "lantern"

Ok, my dots are a bit off (along with those damn squiggle lines) and
you have to agree, it looks better lit in the dark.... :)

Below are more lanterns.

Blurry, but you get the jest. They have to cure for 10 days or so before
I can use them.

Now, the Krylon Looking Glass spray. 
So, again slow on the uptake, I saw on Pinterest (addicted) 
a DIY mercury glass vase. Yup, had to try.

17 apart had the best directions for me.
I couldn't find the Looking Glass spray anywhere, had to
order it from Amazon.

The potential is huge, and they look reasonable. :) My only
disappointment is that I had to wait for it to arrive and then
the can only did two and a half jars.........

The Kerr jar is only partly done.  These were my "test subjects".  I 
didn't want to ruin any of the fun glass that I have been collecting 
(read rummaging through the recycle bin and visiting the thrift
store on Monday for 25% off day)

I do like this one though. :)
Think that I may have to order another can or two. 

Oh, I also started homemade vanilla extract
(vanilla beans and vodka)
and made some great lemon hand scrub
(to put in one of my mason jars)

Speaking of the thrift store, I found this great bottle!

How much fun is this!!! Not sure what I will use it 
for, but I will love it.

And I bought this ridiculously great kitchen tool. 
A Rikon Kuhn vegetable julienner and peeler thingy.
I julienned zuccini, heated it up, and tossed it with some 
sauteed shrimp, garlic, tomatoes, olive oil, lemon juice
and a splash of white wine. 
Sort of a shrimp scampi dish, only no pasta! 


I have been juilenneing everything........ :)

And, I got time to play with my beads.....
I will save that for another post as this has been quite long.
My family returns today, and yes, I have missed
them all much, but have loved being alone
in my house! :)

Here's to hoping you all get some time to play.


Brenda Sigafoos said...

I love these what a great idea

CraftyHope said...

Ooohhhh.. .sounds like a lot of fun!! I love both of your styles of jars. They're really great. And the julienne thing sounds AWESOME. I must have one. Hmmmm....replacing pasta with veggies might just be what I need. I have a serious pasta addiction. It's bad. I can't wait to see part 2. OH, and what's the recipe for the lemon scrub? It sounds yummy!

TesoriTrovati said...

Such fun to have time to play! Looks like some great projects to keep you busy! Enjoy the day. Erin

Shel said...

Oh to have a few days like that all to myself to design, cook, craft and do whatever would be heaven - even though I'd miss my hubby and son, too! Glad you had a great time and love what you did w/the jars,....and the food sounds amazing. Can't wait to see the beads/creations!

Patti Van said...

The jars are so cool!! I am going to have to try this!!!! I think it's great that you cook for yourself! When I am alone, I tend to reach for peant butter and jelly sandwiches! Glad you had some creative time to yourself and I am looking forward to your Soup reveal!

Copper Diem said...

Those are super cute! I just love alone time :)