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Friday, September 10, 2010

Friday Joy!

I know that I haven't posted Friday Joy in a while, so here it is.

Fall - It is slowly coming! This morning was intoxicatingly beautiful. As we left the house for the bus at 6:25 this am, the sun was just coming up, it was 65 degrees out - sweater needed, the glow from the rising sun playing off of the leaves that are just starting to turn color.  I do love the fall! The need for a sweater, the wearing of jeans, being able to have the window open at night with a cool air coming in. And of course, Football. My family seems to be a bit brighter and happier with the coming of fall.

Fall is amazingly peaceful. It signals the beginning of cooler weather, the approaching holidays spent with family, the hope of snow, and for me, promise. I love the colors of the leaves. Watching them change. Each morning this week I have seen a tree with just a hint of color and it is wonderful. I keep forgetting my camera! Grrr. I have to say, this is my favorite season. Each day is filled with promise. I can feel my creative muse slowly returning. I am ok with the shorter days. I am ok with the cooler temperatures. I love a good cup of tea or coffee and the sofa. I love eating wings with friends and watching football!

This morning I ready two great posts, one from Amy of Copper Diem and one from Lynn Davis of LLYNN.  Amy's was about her bucket list and remembering to live in the moment, not waiting until.....not living for tomorrow to be able powerful.  Lynn's was very similar. She quoted a line from a James Taylor song - "The secret to life is enjoying the passage of time".  Again, powerful.

I think that we often move too fast and are always looking towards tomorrow for "something", something that today can't bring or do. I know that I do. I need to be here, be present and enjoy.  Today can do! Today can bring something wonderful. You can do something from your Bucket List! Do it! Life goes by too fast not to. My kids get older, my parents get older, time with my husband goes by and we don't stop, even for a minute, to enjoy and be grateful. There is so much to be thankful for - bask in it, love it, be thankful. Life is short, enjoy every moment. Drink it up.

Well, there it is!

Happy Friday! May you enjoy every moment of it.

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