beads by breul

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Yup. Mine. All. Mine.

Uh huh. Mine. 


All. Mine.

Kelley of Kelley's Bead Studio made these beautiful beads. Had to have them. My daughter and I were looking at her blog and all she could say when she saw these pink beads was COVET. So, 'nuf said.  Thank you Kelley, for being gracious on a Saturday morning and answering my email. You are wonderful and oh so talented. 

I can't wait to get these and just hold them in my hand for awhile. Then we shall see what they say to me.


kelleysbeads said...

Thanks Courtney! I hope they get delivered to you on Monday :)

TesoriTrovati said...

Those are some suh-weet glass beads. I love that the color looks as if it is moving and swirling inside the glass even though it is motionless. So pretty!

Enjoy the day!

Copper Diem said...

Covet is right! lucky duck!

Copper Diem said...

Covet is right! lucky duck!