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Sunday, September 12, 2010

It must be football season~

My creativity has jumped! Loving this. The NFL Theme is like a huge cup of creativity. First I have to share a culinary first for me. I. Made. Wings. Our local spot closed.... :( I decided to attempt my own. I used a recipe from Ina Garton, the Barefoot Contessa, on FootNetwork.

First some of these

and some of this

with these

gave us these!!!!!


Now, on to projects. First is this necklace. I have been playing with these floral components from Sleeping Dog Studio. Now, understand that I have to look at, hold, play with some things until they speak to me.  Well, they finally did. I used some glass beads from Indian Creek Art Glass, some enameled headpins from Sue Beads, and some antiqued copper chain.  I think it turned out really well.  In fact, my daughter said that she may have to "borrow" it.  :)

Oh, and there are a few great beads from Kelley!  Thoughts?

Next, some earrings.

Hand wrapped with some great disc beads from HMB Studios.

These started as a bracelet from Forever 21. It was just too good and I had to take it apart.

Now, these are my fav! I love hammering silver! Gets that aggression out!  12 g silver pounded into sticks and 20 gauge hoops. I do love that rustic feel to hammered silver. But I do have a question - for all you metal workers out there - how do I buff them out? Is there a special tool? Do I get a Dremmel? I would love to know.  I also love how they look on my daughter!

Today rocked! I mean, you know when you get into the groove, really into the groove?  Well, I was there! :)  In fact, probably TMI, I sat downstairs working, drinking water for almost 3.5 hours. Forgot to go, if you know what I mean........Love the groove! Felt really good.

I hope that you all had a good weekend.
Go Skins!!!!!


Regina said...

Thw wings look HOT! and so does the necklace!

Copper Diem said...

Lol - love the "forgetting to go" -- that is being in the zone all right!


Love the enamel flowers (in fact, i just snapped up a set)
Love the necklace - great job on the colors, so perfect
love the disc earrings, so simple & pretty
great idea to take apart the bracelet - came out great!
and love the hammered earrings - maybe a polishing cloth?

Pretty Things said...

Thanks for introducing me to Indian Creek!

As for buffing them out -- you mean shine them up? Use either a rock tumbler if you have one, or a polishing cloth. The rock tumbler tutorial I used when I first started is here....