beads by breul

Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Ok, time for Bead Table Wednesday.  Below is what I am working with. I kept pulling out the bright, fun colors and they sat. I started pulling out some of the more muted tones and I could feel the tingling start.

The Instagram version! Love that app for my iPhone!

Regular shot of the same beads.  Now, I did step back and took a picture of my entire work area. It is small and VERY crowded! Hee hee! View at your own risk.


Jenni C said...

That is one busy beading area! But at least it's all there in one place ready to grab in a moment, I have to pack up and clear away a lot which is not the best! Jenni

Michelle said...

Looks like mine...Over the next few weeks I'll be cleaning up....again. LOL
Bead Happy!

GraceC said...

Courtney, it will probably not surprise you to learn that aside from the excellent stash boxes you have, your bead table looks pretty much like MY bead table. Feels like home.

Lori @ Studio Waterstone said...

Haha, I can relate to the work area - in fact, I think we ALL can relate. You're in good company! Beautiful beads, too. :)

Here Bead Dragons said...

boy, oh, boy does that look familiar only my desk is a cherry color. well, at least what you can see of my desk.