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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

When will I learn....

Some things are always the same and somehow I seem to forget! Take creating. I go to my desk, put on a favorite show or football, an occasional glass of wine and sit. Sometimes it works, but most times it doesn't. When will I learn that if I want the muse to visit, all that is needed is some Annie Lennox and the Eurythmics.

I was home today with a sick child - bummer - but as he is 12 and not violently ill (sorry) I had some time. I put on some Annie and, magic. Seriously! The muse takes over my body. I can't open my bead boxes fast enough. I am grabbing beads from each box and creating on the fly. Something from each box. It felt SO good!

There have been several blogs around the high cost of silver these days (crazy high) and yet that is what I am drawn to. Using my silver wire. Wire wrapping. I figure that as I have it, I may as well use it.  Once it is gone, I am not sure how quickly I will replace it. :(

This piece is approx. 44 inches long and made from red chinese crystal (it is a rich as velvet), black frosted glass and ivory bone. It can be doubled up. I do love this. My daughter looked at it and all she could say is "want". 

Earrings from coin pearls and labradorite.

Earrings of red cinnabar and a cute flower charm from Happy Mango beads! (love them!)

Below is what I was working on for Lorelei's Fusion Bead challenge. I am happy with this necklace but didn't feel that it was worthy of the challenge as it doesn't use the clasp or leather or the seed beads. Oh well. 

There is more on my work table as we speak (perhaps you will see what is there for BTW).  I would love to know what you think. Thanks for stopping by. 


Copper Diem said...

love them, esp the first necklace and the cute flower charm earrings!

Elisabeth said...

I love them all - red is always a fave color - and I love the "velvet" crystals. Annie Lennox - I will have to give it a try. Emma's been home sick also, and although I am sad she is not feeling well, I sure enjoyed the extra time hanging out with her :-) In other news...I found a very well hidden bead shop that is literally in my neighborhood - I drive by it every day - I need to go back and investigate more and spread the word :-)

Heidi said...

I have the same problem! I've been trying the last two nights, and mostly I've just organized and searched online for just the right clasp for this bracelet I want to make, but not until I have the clasp, etc. *sigh* only Annie won't do it for me. Glad you know how to turn it on!

And I love that necklace too :)

Noemi said...

Lovely long necklace. I really like the way you have mix the red with black and white. It just looks stunning!! And what is more, it is giving me a great idea for some beads that have been lying around. Thanks!!

Michelle said...

Love the long necklace...the mix of the 3 colors is really good.
Bead Happy!

Kate said...

Love the red necklace and I am a complete sucker for cinnabar. Don't you just love it when stuff comes together like that?!