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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Personality DNA!

Erin at Treasures Found :: Inspiration is Everywhere shared a fun personality test on her blog the other day and encouraged us to go out and take it. What a hoot! I love doing these type of things, it is always fun to see where I end up. There is also color involved, which is perfect for this gray day. :)

So, I went out to the website and gave it a try.

I'm an
animated director

Well at first glance at the description, I am sure that my kids would agree! :) But in reading the information, I was pleasantly surprised.

The first part is about me:

As a DIRECTOR, you combine an unusual openness and passion for beauty and style with confidence and a down-to-earth sensibility that allow you to realize your vision.

You are practical and pay attention to the details that others tend to miss.

By focusing on what is real and concrete, you achieve more than those who always have their heads in the clouds.

When it comes to what really matters in your life, you are confident in your ability to succeed.

Having beautiful things in your life gives you pleasure and satisfaction - you have a keen eye for style.

Even when problems present themselves, deep down you know you will overcome these challenges.

When routines get too familiar, you become bored and start looking for ways to spice things up.

You are open to new types of experiences – you are not afraid to take a risk on something new.

You have a highly developed sense of taste – you know what looks good on you, in your home, and in the world at large.

You have a strong sense of style and value your personal presentation - friends may even seek your style advice from time to time.

Generally, you believe that you control your life, and that external forces only play a limited role in determining what happens to you.

The second part is how I relate to others:

You are Animated  
You are outgoing, comfortable with others, and up for anything, which makes you ANIMATED.

Some people find crowds and parties exhausting, but not you! You are able to be yourself in many situations.

Sometimes it is hard for you to understand why others feel the way they do, but that doesn't stop you from trusting them or having faith that they are good people.

You know the world is complicated and that there is often more than one side to a story, so you are careful not to make judgments about others too hastily.

You would rather experience the world than sit back and observe it—you are not one to sit on the sidelines.

You are an independent thinker and don't get too worried about how others might perceive you—you are not self-conscious about being the active, engaged person that you are.

Although you have a keen understanding of different people's life circumstances, you occasionally have trouble seeing why people get so upset and emotional about things—they should just lighten up and have fun!

In addition to having faith in the world, you have faith in the people around you—you trust others to do the right thing and to be honest.

And now my color dna!

 Ok, so it's not quite centered! Grrr. But you can move over the colors and see my traits.
Such fun.
This was interesting for me. It says that I am very low on the sympathy side which surprised me, greatly. I can identify with much of it, not all of it.  Things like this, for me, are always a little insight into "me". I find them fun and insightful.
Thank you Erin!


Kate said...

Super cute! Those kinds of things are so fun :) Have a great day!

Cathryn said...

That's interesting! I love getting insight into myself. I did colorstrology last year and learned why--despite my stating I hate greens and browns--I'm drawn to them. :D

Cathryn said...

That's interesting! I love getting insight into myself. I did colorstrology last year and learned why--despite my stating I hate greens and browns--I'm drawn to them. :D

Riki Schumacher said...

Hi Courtney, thanks so much for finding my blog. Sorry you didn't win the contest, but stay tuned, I'll have more! I LOVE this personality profile stuff, I need to go do that. Your description above sounds like me, how funny. The colors aren't me, but the descriptions are me to a T! Take care, come back often. Riki

Becky said...

Thanks for sharing this, I love stuff like this I find it fascinating :))