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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

BTW - back!

Ok. Back. And it's time for Bead Table Wednesday. 
Heather at Humblebeads started this wonderfulness.
So I was looking at my work space, filled, toppling, stuff everywhere and asked my husband for some thoughts/help. He is wonderful! Gave me some thoughts and we went out and got a new bookcase/storage unit for my desk. (love Target) Then came home and he immediately opened the box and assembled the unit. (I love him). I then spent two hours arranging/putting away and organizing. 

Take a look!

Check it out! I love it. And believe it or not, my desk is actually clean! I can see things... :)

Here are a few things that are a brewin'.

Paper beads

Vintage buttons

Fun stuff!

Be sure to hop over to the  Flickr group and see what is on everyone else's tables.


Jen V. said...

It's too clean! Get to work! haaaaaaaaaaaa Love the new shelves...doesn't it feel great to be so sorted out?! Have fun. :)

Jenni said...

Lots of good storage there, you might have to buy some more-looks like you are almost filled up already!

Pretty Things said...

Woah, those are PAPER beads? Those look fantastic!

Mystic Pesto said...

LOL I wouldn't even show you how messy MY desk is!!! I need my beads and my iced coffee where I can get ahold of them quickly :)

My Life Under the Bus said...

I just converted all my beads to those plastic containers and wish I had done it YEARS ago. Shelves amke everything better! Yeah : )

GraceC said...

I agree with Jen V -- too clean! Never have that problem here, though it's more laziness in putting things away then being busy with the beads.