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Sunday, April 3, 2011

It has been dark here, but I'M BACK! :)

I know. 
No posts, no comments. 
Well, I do have a good reason. 
Very good in fact.

I have been on the first of our College Adventures with my daughter. We headed out for Ohio on Wednesday morning at 3:30 am and drove. (I was musically educated by her iPod very early in the am)
We sang our way to Ohio, ok, she sang and I mouthed the words.

Visited Oberlin,
drove to Wooster.
Visited College of Wooster (Love!)
drove to Kenyon.
Visited Kenyon, and yes, drove to
Denison (love this one too). 

She navigated, I drove. I am so proud  ~ we didn't get us lost in the middle of Ohio!! We drove through all kinds of weather ~ snow, rain, sleet, fog. Fun! Logged 985 miles.

To save you tons of pictures, I created a collage.

We hit Denison University and found this most wonderful vintage shop.

I found buttons, tons of buttons. And got a few.

How fabulous are these?
 And when we were in Wooster, we ventured in to the Walmart and wow! 
What a bead selection. I got these. 

Love those owls.

I have never heard of BoHo Collection, but they are really cute and very light weight. Those paper beads are such fun. My daughter wants a piece made with them. (hmmm, BTW perhaps?)

We had a great time together. No arguments, no disagreements. She shared thoughts. We laughed. She even said that she thought that I would have been fun in college! *insert HUGE smilie face here*
 I got to listen to her sing. She has a beautiful voice.
She and I. *big sigh*

The first trip is done. We will now look at a few schools here and then this summer we head north to look at some up there. 

My baby, all grown up.

(she doesn't like me taking her picture.)


BooBeads said...

Yup, pretty much sounds like Ohio with 4 seasons of weather all in a few days!

I've come across some good finds at Walmart too- surprising what you find in some places.

Love those buttons you picked up!

Glad you enjoyed your trip (I bet that's a memory you'll have forever), didn't get lost, and spent some quality time with your daughter!

GraceC said...

C, what a nice post! I'm envious of every bit of it, e, esp that junk shop. Okay, maybe more of having had a great mother-daughter getaway. Your collage is fab!

Beadroe said...

Been there, done that, actually 3 times with 2 different kids. Has she looked at KY it is cheap even for out of state tuition. Both Kids of mine ended up at WKU, for undergrad then the youngest one ended up in NC for grad school. But we looked everywhere. I would do it again though in a heartbeat.

Jenni C said...

Sounds like you had a great trip bonding with your daughter. Lucky with the bonus finds, too. Thanks for showing us your great collage.

CraftyHope said...

Those beads are from WAL-MART???? You've GOT to be kidding. It's been a few weeks-months since I've been in to my local wal-mart. I'm thinking I might need to make a trip this afternoon. . .

Thanks so much for sharing. I'm also a little jealous of your buttons. Gotta love the buttons!

My Life Under the Bus said...

Holy Cannolli I cann not believe those came from WALMART!!! SCORE! I love the roses ... I have to go look in mine now!