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Wednesday, April 27, 2011


I have no BTW - life keeps getting in the way.
But the Universe did send me this today. 

In life, Courtney, you can only ever be scared, when you believe in limits.

You can only ever feel lonely, when you stop doing things.

You can only ever become bored, when you no longer follow your heart.

And you can only ever get overwhelmed, when you think the illusions are real.

Whew! Who knew it could be so easy to get back on track?

The Universe

Not quite sure how they know, but they always seem to.  I have really been struggling with my creating, comparing myself to others, feeling "not worthy", trying to find my way.
 Sounds like I just need to "DO". You know?

Happy Wednesday all. Be sure to hop over to Flickr to see what everyone else is working on this week.


somethingunique said...

Well little missy sounds like you need a little talk, everything i've ever seen you create is beautiful and i've seen your picture your gorgeous, sometimes if i get a little funk creativly i just buy maybe one new set of beads then i look through my stash to find beads that i can use with the new ones so common pick up those pliers i know you have it in you ttfn L:) p.s. another thing that helps me is a look through my stringing mag lots of great inspiration. ;P

Penny said...

You are amazing a creative and just look within not on the outside. Hugs I am sure your creativity will start flowing you just need to sit down and get too it. Give your self a break maybe you need to go out and enjoy some nature!!

Pretty Things said...

I have ALWAYS had a problem with comparing myself to others, and not only that, wondering if people will continue to read what I write.

I look around and see people making amazing beads and components and jewelry, people who seem to have the ear and the starry-eyes of bead makers and higher-ups alike, and I wonder where I fit.

I think your work is wonderful. I love it, and I hope you don't stay discouraged. When I get this way. I put all my beads back in the bead cabinet and leave the table bare for a few days. Then I start digging around for a few days in the depths of the drawers and start getting inspired again.

Hang in there. You aren't the only one.