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Friday, April 29, 2011

Are you watching?

I am!!! 
Enjoying my cup of tea (ok, coffee at this hour). 
I. Love. This! 
We are recording the Wedding so we can have our Wedding Party tonight! My husband brought me back a bunch of wedding "stuff" from London when he came home on Sunday! So love this. Watching all those beautiful dresses go by. 
Do have one question though ~ have you see the PM's wife? What is she wearing on her head?????  
The pomp and circumstance.....oh, I could go on and on.  Victoria Beckham truly needs to gain some weight (sorry, snarky comment)
Westminster Abby looks amazing!
So beautiful!
Enjoy your royal wedding day!


somethingunique said...

Hi Courtney,sounds like fun wish i could come for some canapes & tea, and i always thought Mrs Beckham was way to thin i think a women looks much better with a little extra meat on her bones than not enough and didn't she jsut have a baby? & did you say HAT? lt looks like someone is trying to get some attention on herself(sorry)have fun tonite ttfn L:)

Pretty Things said...

I'm watching the recap right now and it's marvelous!

Mystic Pesto said...

I think there was one princess with the Worst Hat in the World prize ... that large pink bow thing that looked like a precariously perched wedding cake. Ah well.

I did watch the wedding (although I hadn't planned on being away early enough to do so) and turned off the TV and tried to quench the overwhelming urge to make myself a tiara. Ah well. I'm easily suggestible! Hope you enjoyed the party afterwards!