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Monday, December 6, 2010

Baby, it's cold outside!

I mean cold. Windy and cold. Now if it would only snow. :)  I am getting evil looks right now. But I do love the snow. Last winter, apart from losing power during Snowapocolypse, was wonderful!!! I do have a sneaky feeling that we won't see much snow this winter.

We decorated this weekend! It was awesome. My daughter did the outside lights - she used scotch tape on the bushes to make sure that the lines of color were straight......can you say OCD? Really, she did a great job. And the best part was that we did it while hubby was at work! He came home at 11:30 on Saturday night and the house and outside lights were DONE! All we had to do yesterday was the tree! I love Christmas decorations. The house looks so wonderful. The train went up this afternoon (around the tree)

As many of you know, my muse has taken the holidays off. I tried to call her yesterday ~ sat at the desk, played, moved things, looked at catalogues ~ nothing, nada, nunca! Oh well. Hopefully she is having a wonderful holiday and comes back rested, tan and ready to go. (sip that margarita for me toooo!)

I must away, the steaks on the grill need to be flipped! Love my grill! :)

Have a great dinner!

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Regina said...

Warm holiday greetings and Merry Christmas. It is cold here in Florida too!