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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Happiness today!

Went to the mall last night to do shopping!
Kids, hubby and all.
Got a fair chunk done. :)

Back and feet hurt.

Surprisingly, it was not the Christmas shoppers that were a pain, but rather all the 
TEENAGERS that were everywhere. Seriously.

Wish that the Post Office was open on Sundays - I will never get stuff packed 
up in time today. Sigh.

Going to bake up a storm today! 
Makes the house smell so good!
Makes us all so happy. :)

Hoping you have a happy Saturday!


Elisabeth said...

Courtney - I've come to love buying postage online and then having the mailman pick it up when they deliver your mail - only works on priority - but it saves lots of time! Go to :-)

Pretty Things said...

Ah, when did we get to the age when teenagers bug us? They actually scare me a little. But don't tell anyone...