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Friday, December 3, 2010

Challenge of Color! Reveal!

Ok! Here we go...
Here is the color grouping that I received.

Peach Frappe
Raspberry Cream
Pink Sunrise
Amethyst Gem

Now, interestingly, when I got these I was stumped.  Especially since the other part of my challenge was to use what was on hand, no purchasing.  Par for the course, I needed to look at the colors, play with my beads, move things around, open/close things, sit and stare for awhile before inspiration hit. I thought about using wire, but that didn't feel right. I strung, re-strung, added, and took away before I was happy. 

When Erin was putting this together, I was unsure as to whether or not I would be able to play because of my back surgery. She was wonderful and sent me colors and said that I could play if I was up to it. Thank you Erin, for your support and kind words and letting me play! I love a challenge!

So, without further ado, I present

Pink Sunrise

I spent alot of time trying to figure out how to end/start the satin ribbon. 

On my beautiful model. 
I love the little dangly. :)

I used coral Swarovski pearls, amethyst Swarovski crystals, brass chain, brass beads, and Cr. Copper Swarovski crystals. 

Now, Swarovski's are expensive but they feel oh, so good on. Nice and solid, comfortable.
 (Admission: I love sparkly things and tend to buy Swarovski's when I go to the bead store, 
whether or not I need them)
I think I got the majority of the colors and the feel, they ended up going together so well! 

Thank you for taking the time to stop here and look! :)

There are so many amazingly talented folks playing along. Please, please go and visit their blogs, admire their amazing creations, and comment.

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    Kokopelli said...

    Great work, Courtney! Love the colors.

    Cindy said...

    Courtney, you nailed it! I am sooooo impressed with your design. I LOVE the multiple strands and the ribbon closure. This piece is deLUXE with all of the Swarovski crystals...from one bling lover to another, I can totally appreciate this! You're going to look stunning wearing this (and watch out for all of the compliments coming your way!).

    EB Bead and Metal Works said...

    Awesome necklace! I love the colors and love how you incorporated the ribbon into the necklace! And the dangly is pretty cool too!

    Barbara Lewis said...

    Gorgeous! This is so lively ... it could have been easily overcome by the somber tones of the dark amethyst, but you made it sing with the tangerine! Genius! Lovely design, too!

    Alice said...

    What a gorgeous piece! I have some of those coral pearls and never knew what to do with them other than something summery/beachy. You've inspired me to make them elegant by using the darker colors and metal. Lovely!

    JeannieK said...

    Stunning and sparkling! I hope your recovery from your surgery is going well.

    Kristen said...

    Very Sparkly and fun! Great job with the palette!

    Mary K. McGraw said...

    Great job in your use of color and selection of beads. Love the ribbon.

    Elisabeth said...

    Gorgeous with a capital G! So so pretty. I love the coral and browns together.

    Michelle said...

    Nice job Miss Courtney! Love the colors and the sparkle.
    Bead Happy!

    Brandi said...

    I have to confess, peachy coral and purple is one of my new favorite color combos - I love how you've used them! The dangly is so fun, and everything just works.

    Imaginative Jewelry said...

    Courtney, I love your piece and fell in love with the dangly dangle. I have to say that I did not think you had an easy palette but you pulled it through with glamour and sparkle.

    Rebecca said...

    Beautiful! I love the colours - you've really captured them wonderfully here!

    Nicki said...

    i love how it hangs around your neck. it looks so elegant. what a nice job.

    My Life Under the Bus said...

    I totally get the "ribbon issue" I always want to use it but end up taking it off because I feel like I can't get it right! This is stunning Courtney - I am glad you got to participate!

    Cristi Baxter Clothier said...

    Beautiful palette you got. Your necklace looks great.

    TesoriTrovati said...

    Dang! Girl, you nailed it! I admit that this was a combo that was going to be a stretch. (And I almost saved it for myself!) This is just so pretty. I love the way those coral beads really match the chip. Perfect! And the fact that you managed to put all the colors in there harmoniously was no small feat. I really did challenge you! ;-)
    Thank you for sharing your color with the world.
    I am so glad you were able to feel well enough to play along!
    Enjoy the day, Courtney!

    Holly said...

    Courtney, this is a splendid piece! The ribbon definitely was a great touch, and I'm right there with ya on the greatness of the Swarovskis ;)

    stregata said...

    Wonderful interpretation of the palette - just lovely.

    Lisa Godfrey said...

    Love it! I had the same problem with ribbon on my design. I love the way ribbon looks in jewelry but it's tricky to know how to finish the ends. Great job!

    Silver Parrot said...

    Beautiful job - love the ribbon and the extra dangle!

    Lisa Tracy said...

    Courtney, I love your necklace! Have to admit, that's a VERY challenging palette. You did a much better job of implementing it than I ever could. Kudos to you! Your necklace is so very rich looking, and the velvety ribbon was the perfect closure. Gorgeous!

    Designs by Dawn Marie said...

    Courtney, your necklace turned out beautiful! Isn't it amazing where inspiration comes from! I love the whole challenge Erin put together and you my dear exemplify this challenge!

    Job well done! Keep shining!

    BooBeads said...

    It's beautiful Courtney and you pulled those colors together so well!

    Thanks for stopping by blog too!

    rosebud101 said...

    Courtney, I love your necklace! I hope you're feeling better and doing well after back surgery!

    Copper Diem said...

    you did a beautiful job!

    Pretty Things said...

    Oh you lucky girl, those are colors I could have rocked with (wanna trade, LOL)? You did SOOOO well -- I'd wear that a LOT!

    Mellisa said...

    So sparkly and pretty! I love the dangly too :)

    Releases by Rufydoof said...

    Wow what an awesome job you have done - those colours are so striking together. Well done!


    Courtney said...

    Thank you all! Your kinds words are most amazing. I loved this challenge - but then I love a challenge. Thank you Erin, for this funness! :)

    Erin said...

    Ooo...Gorgeous piece, Courtney! Well done!