beads by breul

Friday, May 25, 2012

Echo Creative Club!

Another month that Jeannie let me
play along!
Thank you Jeannie.

I got these wonderful mint green and gold peeled
paint art beads and I immediately knew that 
I wanted to make a bracelet.

I am loving the whole wrap thing
that is happening right now.

Ok, tried my hand at using hemp.
Kinda liking it. Have to keep playing though.

The above goes with these!
Which I have been wearing regularly.

Don't they look wonderful on my model?

Please hop around and see what others have made
with Jeannie's treasures.

Our hostess

Cindy Cima Edwards

Thank you Jeannie!


JeannieK said...

Oh my, so cool with the hemp and I'm not kinda liking it, I'm lovin' it! They look so Boho all together and dazzling on the model. Thank you Courtney for participating it has been my pleasure.

Kokopelli said...

Perfect! Simple design to show the whole beauty of these beads. And together with you other bracelets, that's such easy wearing jewelry for summer.

Shirley said...

Wow, that is such a great way to showcase the beads. I love your layered look!

Lola said...

Love the stacked look and the colors you chose!

Kristen said...

Seeing you use the hemp has sparked some ideas! They look awesome!!!!

Cindy Cima said...

Very cool bracelet! I got some hemp awhile back but haven't tried to use it yet - you did a great job with it! Your right - it does look terrific with your other bracelets!

Patti Van said...

I think it is PERFECTION! Especially stacked! Way to go!

Love, Yesterdays said...

Love those bracelets! So perfect for graduation!

Molly Alexander said...

What a great design! I love the mint with the purple, and they look terrific with the stack o' bracelets on your fantastic model. I've been wanting to try my hand at knotting beads with hemp (trying to find a fun project to do with my girls at summer camp), and you have inspired me! :)

Alicia said...

Love the idea of stacking the bracelets, they look delicious!

Malin de Koning said...


Shannon Chomanczuk said...

Very simple and cute, love it!

Dawn Doucette said...

Courtney, I love the rustic feel of your hemp! Great stacked effect!
Have a fantastic weekend! {Hugs!}

Pretty Things said...

Love the purple with the mint!

Keri Lee Sereika said...

Oooh sooo pretty! Love how these all turned out....the hemp with the beads...delish

Shel said...

Oh, way cool!! I love this. It's simply yet it screams 'look at me'! The colors are superb and I love stacked bracelets, too and yours look fabulous all mixed together!! Very nice design!