beads by breul

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Thank you doesn't seem enough!

The amazing, talented, thoughtful,
creative, funny Lori!

Well, if you click here
you can read the article she wrote for the May
edition of Bead Trends.

Why am I going on…..well,

I have played around with polymer a bit, made a few beads,
sent one to Lori for one of the 
most amazing Bead Soup Blog Parties.
(or a swap, my overwhelmed brain can't remember)

So, thank you Lori, for using of my beads. 
I guess this means that I am kinda published!!!

Go figure! 


Rebecca said...

Awesome. It is a really beautiful bead too! Do you still make/sell?

Shirley said...

I'm so glad she used your bead, cause it totally makes that bracelet. I love the ginko leaf, and you did a wonderful job on the bead. My daughter likes to make miniature food, so I play with the clay occasionally, but I can't create anything like that! Congratulations!!

SilverNikNats said...

Congrats and a lovely bead it is too!

Shel said...

Oh, that is so cool Courtney!! Congrats!

Lori Anderson said...

I'm thrilled to have received the bead! And we live so close, we have to get together!

AntiquityTravelers said...

oh how cool! and what a surprise! that is a gorgeous bead, and I would love to put one just like it in any one of my patterns :) congrats on the write up

stacilouise said...

Yay!!!!!! Its a beautiful bead!!!!!

Love, Yesterdays said...

So exciting! Congrats :)