beads by breul

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Yes, I am still here

Wow, I have been remiss.
I mean really bad about blogging,
please forgive me! :)

So much going on.

Jeannie has been so gracious to include me in her
and sent me these luscious goodies.
They scream SUMMER and mint chocolate chip ice cream.
Hmmm, idea maybe????
I can't wait to play.

I am also participating in Sally Rusick's
One Crayon Color Challenge.
My color is purple!!!!!

I would share a sneak peak but don't know quite where to
go to blur/pixilate/mess up a photo now that
Picnik is gone………
(open to any suggestions)

Please come back on Saturday to see what everyone has created!!!

And lastly,
I was at the mall with my daughter this weekend for a
wonderful girl's weekend and found this!

Do you know what this is???

I love lip gloss, in tangerine.

Yes I bought it. You can too at Sephora.


Copper Diem said...

Have you tried picmonkey? i've been using it to edit photos and it's pretty cool.

LOVE that lipgloss!

Kokopelli said...

Nice beads! Gotta post mine (a Gin Blossom), as I had it in the mail for some time now. Can't wait for May reveal.

Pretty Things said...

I love the mint color of Jeannie's beads -- and yes, they do beg to be worked with chocolate!