beads by breul

Tuesday, May 29, 2012


Some time to play.
I mean really play with my beads,
not just move them around the table.
Ok, my table is a mess and it had to be cleaned.......

I made these fun layer bracelets.

Then this fun piece. I love the colors and the luscious green
beads are WOOD, yup, nice and light weight.

And this one!
May be my new favorite.
Howlite stars, wonderful orange rondelles
and silk ribbon from Jamnglass on etsy.
Love their silk ribbon, all hand dyed.

Can you guess what I am wearing today?????

There is another wonderful collar piece that I made
that I could have sworn that I took photos up and uploaded,
but apparently not.
Will share that one soon.
Could be another "favorite"! :)

So nice to be back at the table in between getting everything ready for
my daughter's graduation, birthday and party!

Hope you all had a great long weekend!


Patti Van said...

The howlite and orange is a gorgeous combination! Loving the green of those wood beads, too!

Elisabeth said...

Love everything you made! Love the stars - what fun - what a conversation starter :-)

Kokopelli said...

Errrr, do I have to pick a favorite? I hope not. Wonderful fun pieces you made!

Sharyl said...

You picked 2 of my latest favorites to work with here: really, cool wood beads (there are such nice ones lately!)...and howlite (I'm loving all the wonderful colors. I think I've learned to love howlite for what it is, and that makes all the difference!)

Anyway, love your fun, summery colors and designs! Anxious to see your next piece!

lunedreams said...

Love the sunny colors! I think my favorite is the last necklace, love the little pops of red! Really great with the ribbon, she has some gorgeous colors, I have some myself!

Pretty Things said...

Love the wood!

Love, Yesterdays said...

Completely love that star piece!!!