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Saturday, May 5, 2012

One Crayon Color Challenge

Purple and all of the goodness that comes with it!

Sally Russick of The Studio Sublime
invited us to play along with her next challenge,
the One Crayon Color Challenge.

I choose one of my favorite colors ~ 
Love that color, so regal, so majestic.
Love it.

In going through my beads I did discover that I had 
a fair amount of purple but, can one ever have
enough beads?
I think not!
(actually I probably have plenty!)

So when my mom was in town a few weeks ago we headed
out to the Intergem show at the National Harbor 
here in DC and gathered plenty. :)

As usual for me, this required much playing,
stringing, un-stringing, wrapping and un-wrapping
before I got it right.  

I also added a small accent color, can you guess?
Tangerine Tango. Love that color!

So, without further ado….

A combination of wooden beads, these amazing purple geode beads, purple seed beads,
purple Artistic Wire and a few well placed tangerine chinese crystal
rondelles, a handmade tangerine enameled bead
and a purple polymer pendant, these last two made by me.

Thank you Sally, for inviting us to color our day!

Please take a moment or twelve and hop around
and see what everyone made!

hosted by:





Rebecca Anderson
Alicia Marinache
Sandi Volpe


Jenny Davies Reazor
Elizabeth Auld


Jennifer Judd Velasquez
Courtney Breul - you are here!




Patti Van said...

That purple polymer pendant (say THAT 3 times fast!) is especially pretty! You even used purple artistic wire! This is so pretty!!! Great job!

Tammie E said...

Cool mix of purple and a dash of orange. Not colors I would normally choose, but I really liked your piece. :-)

Holly said...

Courtney, wow, this is luscious and *rich*! That little pop of color really accents the purple and is just a lovely touch!

Elisabeth said...

Wow! Really incredible - and the tangerine accents are super cool!

Lesley said...

This is lovely Courtney - bold and vibrant and totally wearable - great work.

Shel said...

Oh, so deep and rich in color - beautiful design! The textures are fantastic and the pop of color is super fun!!

Dawn Doucette said...

Great necklace Courtney! Love the pendant, it's so summery and playful! Just beautiful!

Alice said...

A gorgeous, stand-out piece! I love the rich purples, and that pop of tangerine really makes one sit up and take notice.

EB Bead and Metal Works, LLC said...

Courtney the piece is stunning! Love the purple beads you used and the pop of tangerine orange included! Awesome!!!

Pine Ridge Treasures said...

Lovely necklace! The addition of the tangerine really makes all the color pop!

Therese's Treasures said...

Hi Courtney,
Your necklace is very beautiful! I love the shade of purple you used and the touch of orange. Your hand made polymer clay pendant is very pretty with an Asian flare.

Jean A. Wells said...

What a beautiful gorgeous necklace. I love the earthy, rustic feel it has for me. And, I love the little bits of tangerine tango - orange was my color choice for today's challenge. All of your components and beads come together so well. It just flows. Great job!

Jen V. said...

I had a pretty purple day, too! Love that pendant! I found this was a good excuse for some more bead shopping and I didn't even use any beads. :)

Pretty Things said...

So vibrant and pretty!

Do you ever go to the Intergem in Chantilly, VA? It's next week (I think). I usually go there (even though Baltimore is closer to me) since I can never find good parking in Baltimore. We need to meet sometime to enable -- um, I mean shop!

Pixiloo said...

Purple is such a wonderful color. I think I love all the different shades of purple, but that dark, royal purple is just stunning. I love the foal also. The whole necklace is beautiful.

Sally Russick said...

Courtney, I second that you can never have to many beads!! :) Your necklace is every bit of what purple symbolizes! Royal, majestic and just down right gorgeous!!! I love every component!!
I so glad you were able to participate in the hop!!! Thanks you!!!

AntiquityTravelers said...

how pretty and such deep, deep purple- what a beautiful necklace!

Shirley said...

Oh! I love that pop of orange. Perfect complement to keep the purple from being overpowering. Great necklace~

Karen Williams said...

Ah a rule breaker! Love it! :)

I love the bright boldness of the purple you chose to work with, and was frankly surprised by how well the bright orange worked as an accent. Not a color combination I would have considered, but it works!

Thanks for sharing!

Bobbie said...

LOVE the purple, and the geode beads are fabulous! (note to self - search out some of those beads...) It's a lovely, luscious necklace.

Tracy said...

Love the vibrancy of your purples, it's a lovely necklace design!

Linda Y said...

Love the pop of orange. Focal bead is great and all the element you used make an very lovely necklace.

Katherine Gale said...

I am really impressed by your choice of bead combinations. Love the geodes, polymer focal and tiny seed beads balance off the wooden beads. Spark of orange color makes the whole design very beautiful and I love it!

Heidi Post said...

Oooh you rule breaker you ;) You sure did create a luscious piece though, and the tangerine really does create a bold contrast. And that focal is super cool!

SueBeads said...

Very pretty Courtney! Those geode beads are so cool!

Sandi Volpe said...

Beautiful colors of purple and loe the foacl!! ps the focal I used in my necklace is from the stash you sent me, thanks:-)

Regina said...

What a cool necklace, love the design, your selection of beads and the splash of tangerine.

Lola said...

What a bold and beautiful necklace! Love the accent color and your handmade components. Stunning!

CraftyHope said...

Purple INDEED!! Wow. I'm loving the saucer beads you have throughout the piece that give the necklace so much awesome texture. As well, the fact that you used purple wire really helps to rock this necklace. Great job!

dreaminofbeads / SAS Jewelry Designs said...

Your purple necklace is really lovely, love your focal piece.

Jenny said...

That tangerine zings! How long is it? Have you worn it? Fantastic job.