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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Arg, really?

In order to properly tell this, I need to back up to the weekend. The rest is my week, and it is only Wednesday! Arg, really?

Had the kids in the car (my CRV), driving along and we hear thmp, thmp, thmp, like a flat, but no flat. Get home and don't see anything wrong with the tires. (yea, I know, doesn't bode well) I have my hubby look at the tire on Sunday and sure enough there is not a nail, but a BOLT in my front right tire. Nothing happening though. So, I go about my business.

Go to work on Monday and park. (in a 4 level underground parking garage) and go to leave and, nope not the tire, my car won't start. Try to jump it but nothing. I grab a ride home with a co-worker who lives near me. The plan is that my hubby will drive me to work on Tuesday and I will get someone to come and take a look at the car. Tuesday morning hubby's blackberry goes off at 4:30 and he has to go to work, early so I take the other car (jeep) to work, thank goodness we have an extra. I get our miracle worker at work to look at my dead car and some how he jiggles the battery cables just right ( I tried that!) and the car starts! Now I have 2 cars at work and am only one person. I have to go explain to security that I have another car that will need to lodge in the garage overnight. Glad that it is summer and the garage is not full. I am thinking, what are the odds that he will have to go to work early again.......Oh, get home to discover that one of the dogs has gotten sick on the carpet in 3 places.

This morning, Wednesday, I get up and am getting ready to go for a run and come down to discover yet more puke on the carpet.  I clean that up, hear something on the news that makes me go upstairs to tell hubby to read his damn blackberry. What are the odds?????  Comes down and says that he has to go in early - so I get my breakfast ready. We were going to have breakfast together at Panera and then he was going to drive me into work.  I am just about to pour the milk on my cereal and he comes in and says that now he doesn't have to go in! Yeah, breakfast saved!   Get ready to leave and find more dog puke on the carpet.

So I am driving my daughter to work/son to camp and feel the car pulling. As I get out to change places with my daughter (she is learning to drive) I see that my front right tire is, yup, almost flat. Crap!  Do I drop it off at the mechanic or put air in the tire and wait until the weekend to go to a tire place and get them replaced.  I decide to put air in the tire and hope for the best. It will sit in the driveway as our jeep is at my work and hubby will drive me into work today.  Ok, sounds like a plan. Then ~ the "check engine" light comes on. Really?  I can't wait to see what is waiting for me from the dogs when I get home today.........


Elisabeth said...

Bummer - hang in there - had to unexpectedly replace (like it's ever expected) an alternator in my car just last week. I know I live in a different part of town, but if you ever need rescuing let me know!

jeanette said...

Unbelievable. All this and it's only Wednesday??!! This week has been dragging. I can't believe it is only Wednesday...Here's to a better week-next week.

Cindy said...

Gosh, I'm not the only one with such bad luck lately?? We are a CRV family too... unfortunately we finally had to donate ours early this was a sad day. :-(