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Thursday, July 1, 2010


How did that happen? I mean, where did May and June go? Oh, I know ~ the end of school, plays, sports, work.  That's right, I remember now.  Anyway, it is July and summer is racing by. I/We are trying to slow things down and enjoy. Enjoy no homework, days melting into evenings with daylight until 9 pm, perhaps a beverage on the "veranda" after work with my hubby, sunshine, vacation, time with the kids!  It does feel like time goes by faster each year. So here is my question to you all ~ how do you slow it down and make it count more? What are your tricks? Please, I am open to all suggestions, ideas, thoughts? I am working on taking time each day to be happy, to breathe, to enjoy. Trying not to worry about time........

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Elisabeth said...

Stay in your PJs on a Saturday morning as long as possible, and make something delish to go with it - pancakes or waffles :-) These last two Saturdays werethe first in ages we were able to do it - it was incredibly restorative :-)