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Monday, February 14, 2011


I am actually very low maintenance when it comes to Valentines Day. All I want is that heart shaped box of chocolates - no flowers, no diamonds, nothing else. This is what I came home to!

The Big A$$ Box of Chocolates

Seriously, have you ever seen a bigger box of chocolate? In a heart no less.
(pardon the hair sticking off the side of my head, the wind is blowing all over the place here in Maryland!)

Dinner is done and I am getting ready to break that bad boy open!!!!!

Hope your Valentine's Day was wonderful!


Pretty Things said...


kelleysbeads said...

What a humongous box of chocolates. Nevermind the hair, you look beautiful showing off your Valentine's loot!

I'm all for low maintenance and wasn't expecting anything this year. Instead, my honeys washed windows and painted baseboards yesterday (pssst, he never washes windows). I'm suspicious about the motives.

Julianna Cannon said...

How sweet is that!? Enjoy 'em and give your valentine and extra hug from us in blog land for being so thoughtful with your simple request.


BooBeads said...

Happy V day Courtney!
I love chocolate too and I was lucky enough to get two boxes and roses! The flowers are nice but give me chocolate!
I think Ghiradelli is calling my name now :)

Heidi said...

What an exciting box of chocolates! I'm afraid I'd polish that off in a couple of days if it were mine. Enjoy!!!

Meggan said...

I showed this pic to Andy and he laughed and said, "Hahahaha! Way to go, hoy!" Hope you guys are doing well...

Jenni C said...

Lucky girl! That's a serious choccie box!

Regina said...

Nope, never seen one that big! I know you had a great Valentine's Day! Enjoy!